Do You Know - Production designer

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Name Production Title
Alan Davis A Touch of Frost
Alex McDowell Breaking & Entering
Alex Vetchinsky The Lady Vanishes
Alfred Junge Black Narcissus
Alison Chitty Secrets & Lies
Amanda McArthur The Mistress Of Spices
Amelia Shankland Skins
Andrew McAlpine The Reckoning
Andrew Purcell Waking The Dead
Andrew Sanderson Heartbeat
Annette Gillies Monarch of the Glen
Anthony Mendelson The Yellow Rolls Royce
Arthur Lawson Battle Of The River Plate
Assheton Gordon Get Carter
Bernard Robinson The Hound Of The Baskervilles
Bill Bryce Trial And Retribution
Bill Constable Danger Route
Bob Ringwood The Draughtsman's Contract
Brian Ackland-Snow Without A Clue
Brian Sykes Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Campbell Gordon Rebus
Carmen Dillon The Go Between
Charles Bishop The Persuaders
Charlie Kershaw The Darling Buds of May
Chris Edwards Death Machine
Chris Roope South Riding
Chris Seagers Johnny English
Chris Townsend Waking the Dead
Chris Truelove Cold Feet
Chris Wilkinson Blue Murder
Christina Moore The Best Man
Christopher Walker The Royal
Christopher J Bradshaw Jack And Sarah
Chrysoula Sofitsi Footballers' Wives
Colin Grimes Doomwatch
Crispian Sallis Keeping Mum
Dario Simoni The Third Man
David Bowes Shameless
David Butterworth Wire in the Blood
David Crozier All Creatures Great & Small
David Ferris Gavin & Stacey
David Ffolkes The Long Ships
David Roger Great Expectations
David Wilson Whatever Love Means
Dennis De Groot Little Britain
Derek Brown Leonardo
Derek Evans Keeping Up Appearances
Dominic Roberts Merlin
Don Giles Midsomer Murders
Donald M Ashton Masquerade
Eddie Andres CI5: The New Professionals
Elven Webb Play Dirty
Emma MacDevitt Born Equal
Ernest Archer 2001: A Space Odyssey
Eve Mavrakis Imagine Me & You
Fiona Daly When Harvey Met Bob
Francis Boyle Land Girls
Frank White Murder Most Foul
Gemma Jackson Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason
Geoffrey Drake All Creatures Great And Small
Geoffrey Kirkland Midnight Express
George Provis SOS Pacific
Gerry Scott Messiah: The Reckoning
Gillian Miles Mr Bean (TV Series)
Gordon Whistance Lead Balloon
Graeme Story The Young Ones
Guy Hendrix Dyas Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Harry Banks French & Saunders
Harry Lange Monty Python's Meaning Of Life
Harry Pottle The Avengers
Harry White Murder She Said
Herbert Smith Shalako
Humphrey Jaeger Miss Conception
Iain Andrews The Kindness of Strangers
Ian Fisher Trial & Retribution
Ian Watson Three Blind Mice
Jack Maxsted When Eight Bells Toll
Jack Shampan The Prisoner
Jacqueline Abrahams Wallander
Jacqueline Smith A Thing Called Love
James Dillon My Hero
James Foster Thorne: Scaredy Cat
James Merifield Sense And Sensibility
James Zafar Holby City
Jan Spoczynski Midsomer Murders
Jan Walker The Impressionists
Jane Levick This is England '88
Jane Martin What Rats Won't Do
Janice Flint Out of Bounds
Jason Carlin Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen
Jim Glen Shameless
Jim Grant Fallen Idol
Jim Morahan The Ladykillers
Jo Manser Barbarians
Joel Collins Black Mirror
John Asbridge Inspector Lynley Mysteries
John Barry Superman: The Movie
John Blezard Ivanhoe
John Box Lawrence Of Arabia
John Clark Tommy
John Collins Wire In The Blood
John Hand Damage
John Howell Loser Takes All
John Stevenson The Last Enemy
John Stoll Ferry To Hong Kong
Jonathan Taylor Silent Witness
Jonathan Paul Green Green Wing
Joseph Bennett Rome
Keith Maxwell Plots With A View
Keith Wilson Victoria And Albert
Ken Starkey French And Saunders
Leo Austin The Bostonians
Linda Stefansdottir Spooks
Lisa Hall This England 86
Louise Middleton Burn Up
Maggie Gray Four Weddings & A Funeral
Malcolm Thornton Lark Rise to Candleford
Marc Ingham Bob's Weekend
Marius Van Der Werff Taggart
Mark Digby The Road to Guantanamo
Mark Geraghty Count of Monte Christo
Mark Leese Case Histories
Mark Paine Holby City
Mark Paine Holby City
Mark Stevenson Messiah III: The Promise
Mark Tildesley 28 Days Later
Mark Ward Ruth Rendell Mysteries
Martin Johnson My Name Is Joe
Martyn Hebert Without A Clue
Maurice Carter The Battle Of Britain
Maurice Pelling Play Dirty
Michael Kane Silent Witness
Mike Oxley Poirot
Milly Burns Time Bandits
Milly Burns Time Bandits
Monika Mikkelson Big Nothing
Morgan Kennedy Faintheart
Ned McLoughlin Accelerator
Nick Turner Land Girls
Nigel Crozier Fawlty Towers
Norman Garwood Brazil
Norris Spencer Hannibal
Paul Booth Midsomer Murders
Paul Burns It's All Gone Pete Tong
Paul Cripps Mistresses
Paul Crombellack Distant Shadow
Paul Sherriff The Millionairess
Paul Spriggs Hustle
Peter Kindred Fawlty Towers
Peter Walpole In Deep
Phil Robertson Warriors
Philip Harrison The Avengers
Ray Simm A Hard Day's Night
Richard Bullock Lusitania: Murder On The Atlantic
Richard MacDonald Supergirl
Ricky Eyres The Colour Of Magic
Rob Hinds Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Robert Jones The Avengers
Robin Tarsane Lewis
Roger Cann David Copperfield
Roger Hall White Mischief
Roy Walker The Killing Fields
Russell De Rozario Mean Machine
Sarah Greenwood This Year's Love
Scott MacGregor Twenty Four Hours To Kill
Simon Elliott Bleak House
Simon Holland Buster
Stephen Campbell Robin Hood
Stephen Fineren Liam
Stephen Sharratt Monarch of the Glen
Sue Booth Goldplated
Taff Batley The Ghost Squad
Terry Ackland-Snow Inspector Morse
Thomas Morahan Under Capricorn
Tim Gleeson Keeping Up Appearances
Tim Goodchild D-Day 6.6.1944
Tom Conroy East is East
Tom McCullagh Fairy Tales
Tony Curtis And Now The Screaming Starts
Tony Noble Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Tony Walton Murder On The Orient Express
Venita Gribble Wire in the Blood
Vincent Korda The Thief Of Baghdad
William Kellner The VIPs
William McCrow Family Life
William C Andrews The Horse's Mouth