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Name Production Title
Adam Green Lassie
Adam Richardson Shot For Going to School
Alan Levy Doctor Who
Alan Mackay 9/11: The Falling Man
Alastair McIntyre The Fearless Vampire Killers
Alex Broad Private Life of . Chickens
Alex Richardson Catherine the Great
Alfred Roome Deadlier Than The Male
Alice Forward Horizon
Allan Morrison The Brides of Fu Manchu
Andrea Carnevali Empire
Andrea MacArthur Spiceworld: The Movie
Andrew Marcus Much Ado About Nothing
Ann Chegwidden Rocket to the Moon
Anthony Ham Prime Suspect
Anthony Harvey Lolita
Anthony Palk The Avengers
Ardan Fisher Foyle's War
Arthur Stevens SOS Pacific
Belinda Cottrell The Phoenix & The Carpet
Ben Brown Between Life & Death
Ben Stark When Pilots Eject
Benedict Jackson Challenger: Countdown to Disaster
Bernard Gribble The Man In The White Suit
Bert Bates Our Man In Havana
Bert Rule Murder At The Gallop
Bill Coates Chemistry: A Volatile History
Bill Lenny Puppet On A Chain
Bob Hayward Lost World of Communism
Caroline Bleakley Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Caroline Richards London: The Modern Babylon
Caroline Sarin Monty Python: Almost the Truth
Catherine Fletcher Ancient Egyptians
Charles Alexander Wire in the Blood
Charles Crichton The Thief of Baghdad
Charlie Phillips Sherlock
Chris Brainwood Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve
Chris Buckland Stephen Fry: HIV & Me
Chris King Senna
Chris Lawrence Rancid Aluminium
Chris Wadsworth French and Saunders
Chris Wimble And A Nightingale Sang
Christine Pancott Joanna Lumley's Nile
Christopher Barwell Cracker
Christopher Rowlands All Creatures Great & Small
Christopher Wentzell Famour Five
Clare Douglas Bloody Sunday
Clive Barrett Omagh
Colin Jones French and Saunders
Colin Rae The Onedin Line
Craig Cotterill Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve
Dan Glendenning The Human Footprint
Daniel De Waal Love & Marriage: A 20th Century Romance
Daniel Ward Chatsworth
Dave Lewinton Mr Bean (TV Series)
Dave Monk Horizon
Dave Reynolds Gandhi: The Early Years
David Aspinall A Touch of Frost
David Bretherton The First Great Train Robbery
David Cresswell Doctor Who
David G Hill The Age of Stupid
Derek Chambers The Persuaders
Derek Twist The 39 Steps
Dilesh Korya Crime and Punishment
Dominic Ruddy Natural Wonders
Don Deacon Living Free
Douglas Moxon End Day
Drew Hill Paul Merton's India
Edward Mansell August
Emiliano Battista Dolce Vita Africana
Ernest Hosler Thunderball
Ernest Walter Murder She Said
Fiona Colbeck Jekyll
Frank Burgess Stephen Fry in America
Frederick Wilson Doctor at Sea
Gary Skipton Land of the Lost Tiger
Gary Tarn Black Sun
Ged Murphy Omnibus: J K Rowling
Geoff Hogg Story of Mr Bean
Gerald Turney-Smith The Captain's Paradise
Gerard Evans Horizon
Gordon Mason Five Ways to Save The World
Graeme Clifford The New Avengers
Graham Dean Nazi Collaborators
Graham Taylor My Small Breasts and I
Grant Gee Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
Gregers Sall Senna
Gwynfor Llewellyn Arctic with Bruce Parry
Henry Fowler All Creatures Great & Small
Howard J Ford Distant Shadows
Ian Arwas Story of Science
Ian Crafford Hope and Glory
Jack Harris The Ladykillers
Jack Slade Play Dirty
Jackie Ophir Merlin
James Gold Coach Zoran & His African Tigers
James Taggart Killer Bees of Africa
Jan Cholawo Art of America
Jane Murrell Deserts & Life
Jemima Harrison The Family That Walks On all Fours
Jerry Leon Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Jinx Godfrey Man On A Wire
Joby Gee The Flight That Fought Back
Joe Carey Louis Theroux
John Gow Messiah: The Rapture
John Hackney Monty Python & The Holy Grail
John Ireland At the Earth's Core
John Mayes Poirot: Death On The Nile
John Parker Tribe
John Paroussi The Ghost Hunter
John Rosser Dalziel & Pascoe
John Trumper Get Carter
John D Guthridge Woman of Straw
John S Smith The Prisoner
Jonathan Rudd The Testimony of Taliesin Jones
Jude Suggett Cell - Search for the Origins of Life
Judith Robson Art of America
Julian Hart Virtual Revolution
Kai Lawrence Sicily Unpacked
Karen Heward The Avengers
Kate Deadman Chatsworth
Kate Evans Girl with a Pearl Earring
Kevin Lester Red Cap (Pilot)
Kirsi Pyy Rococo: Travel, Pleasure, Madness
Lauri White Story of Science
Lee Sutton Wonders of the Solar System
Leslie Tasker Escape in the Sun
Lisa Harney Nefertiti Revealed
Liz Roe Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey
Lynda Featherstone An Idiot Abroad
Madoc Roberts Private Life of a Masterpiece
Manuel Del Campo The Avengers
Mark Aarons The Criminal
Mark Collins Feasts
Mark Fox Human Planet
Mark Wybourn French & Saunders
Martin Johnson Horizon
Mat Whitecross Imagine...Scott Walker
Matt Meech Africa: Kalahari
Matt Seccull Genius of Design
Matthew Tabern Agatha Christie's Marple
Maurice Rootes Jason and the Argonauts
Max Benedict The Blue Max
Michael Butler ABBA: Winner Takes It All
Michael Duxbury Gene Code
Michael House Magnificent Tati
Michael Nollet Sicily Unpacked
Mike Bloore All Creatures Great & Small
Mike Burton The Queen's Mother-in-Law
Mike Duly The History of the Jews
Mike Lithgow Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways
Mike Murray Indian Summer
Mikheal Junod Fry's Planet Word
Nick Moore Notting Hill
Nigel Cattle Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Norman Savage Ryan's Daughter
Oscar Chan Baroque! From St Peter's to St Paul
Oswald Hafenrichter The Third Man
Patrick Moore Spooks
Paul Binns Queen: Us & Them
Paul Brown Lark Rise To Candleford
Paul Burgess Fry's Planet Word
Paul Carlin Ghosts of the 7th Cavalry
Paul Devlin Beauty of Diagrams
Paul Edmunds Iran and the West
Paul Frost Young Ones
Paul Garrick Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Silk Stocking
Paul Jackson Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey
Paul Machliss How Not To Live Your Life
Peter Boita Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians
Peter Heelas Pagannini's Daemon
Peter Honess Madame Sousatzka
Peter Miller First Life
Peter Oliver Suburban
Peter Parnham Diana: Last Days Of A Princess
Peter Taylor Bridge On The River Kwai
Peter R Hunt Dr No
Phil McDonald Classic Albums
R E Dearing The Lady Vanishes
Raymond Poulton Force 10 From Navarone
Reginald Mills Battle of the River Plate
Renoir Tuahene Race & Intelligence
Richard Marden Sunday Bloody Sunday
Richard Trevor The Human Factor
Rick Baker We Built Titanic
Rick Holbrook Soweto Strings
Rob Moore How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin
Rob Poole French and Saunders
Robin Graham Scott Monarch of the Glen
Rod Nelson Keys Carry on Cowboy
Rodney Holland Messiah: The First Killings
Roger Harrison The Cat and The Canary
Rosa Bond Jamie at Home
Roy Demery Oscar Charlie
Roy Watts Family Life
Safi Ferrah Lost World of Communism
Sally Hilton Lost Kingdoms of Africa
Sam Sneade Sexy Beast
Samuel R Santana Nureyev: From Russia With Love
Scott Thomas The Reflecting Skin
Selina Macarthur M.I.High
Simon Cooper Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets
Sophie Fiennes Pervert's Guide to Cinema
Steve Callanan Paparazzi
Stuart Davies Yellowstone
Sue Haycock A Year in Tibet
Terry Warwick Trial and Retribution
Thelma Connell Island of Terror
Tim Lasseter Nature's Microworlds
Tim Lovell History of Safari with Richard E Grant
Tim Wellburn Elephant Boy
Tim Young Lost Kingdoms of Africa
Toby Marter The Blair Decade
Tom Deverell The Divine Michelangelo
Tony Cranstoun Mr Bean's Holiday
Tony Quinn Horizon
Tony Robinson Tropic of Cancer
Trevor Keates A Christmas Reunion
Tristam Cones The Trap
Victoria Boydell Hustle
Weston Owens Guarding the Queen
Will Skinner Journey of Life
William Symon The Onedin Line