Do You Know - Cinematographer

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Name Production Title
Adam Biddle Crank
Adrian Wild Elephant Juice
Alan Wilson One Life: One Night Only
Albert Almond Mr Bean (TV Series)
Alec Curtis Fawlty Towers
Alex Macdonald Secrets of the Manor House
Alexei Rodionov Orlando
Alicia Arce I'm A Boy Anorexic
Allan Palmer Michael Jackson: What Really Happened?
Amanda Richardson Babies Behind Bars
Andrew Dearden Tutankhamun: Secrets of the Boy King
Andrew Ford Horizon
Andrew Hinton How Sex Works
Andrew McDonnell Blue Murder
Andrew Penniket Nature's Microworlds
Andrew Rushton Gandhi: The Road to Freedom
Andrew Thompson Genius of Photography
Andy Collins Brassed Off
Andy Funnell Bullets, Boots & Bandages
Andy Jackson Gene Code
Andy Payne Land Girls
Andy Smith Grow Your Own Drugs
Andy Webb World's Biggest Bomb
Anthony Wood Diamond Queen
Arthur Grant A Challenge For Robin Hood
Barry McCann Prime Suspect V
Ben Cunningham Natural World
Ben Gundry Derek Jarman: Life As Art
Ben Hodgson The Story of Jesus
Benoit Delhomme The Winslow Boy
Bernard Davies Escape in the Sun
Bernard Knowles The 39 Steps
Bert Wilkins Upstairs Downstairs
Boaz Eshtai Bodyshock
Bob Cranston Planet Earth
Bob Edwards The Curse of King Tut's Tomb
Brendan Easton Genius of Design
Brendan McGinty Horizon
Brendan J Stafford The Prisoner
Brett Turnbull Emeli Sande - Live at the Albert Hall
Brian Green Tropic of Cancer
Brian McDairmant Life of Mammals
Bruce Fletcher How Sex Works
Bruce Reitherman Wild Indonesia
Carlo Di Palma Blow Up
Charlie Hamilton James Victoria Falls: The Smoke That Thunders
Charlie Stanfield Dodo's Guide to Surviving Extinction
Chas Watts Mr Bean (TV Series)
Chris Dixon Great Contemporary Art Bubble
Chris Goodger Not Going Out
Chris Hartley Primeval
Chris Hartley Primeval
Chris Kochanowicz French and Saunders
Chris Morphet The Comet's Tale
Chris Sugden-Smith Chatsworth
Chris Sutcliffe How Drugs Work
Christopher Petit Unrequited Love
Christopher Ross United
Cian De Buitlear Blow Dry
Claude Renoir The Spy Who Loved Me
Colin Deeham All Creatures Great & Small
Colin Fox Timewatch
Craig Feather Shameless
Craig Hastings Tropic of Cancer
Crighton Bone I Want Candy
Damien Pawle Air Crash Confidential
Daniel Meyers The Fatwa: Salman's Story
Darren Conway Geisha Girl
Dave Minchin Great Continental Railway Journeys
Dave Otter Child of Our Times
Dave Wickham Science of the Young Ones
David Allen Natural World
David Barker Loyalists
David Barlow Fight for Life
David Fader Mr Bean (TV Series)
David Garner Jimmy's Global Harvest
David Gurney All Creatures Great & Small
David Hickman Race & Intelligence
David Holmes The Avengers
David McKay Nature's Microworlds
David Schwartz Holby City
David Shale Blue Planet
David Watkin Memphis Belle
David Whitson Bergerac
David Wright Life In Cold Blood
Dennis Borrow Diamond Queen
Desmond Dickinson Murder Most Foul
Dick Bush Tommy
Didier Noirot Blue Planet
Dirk Nel How Earth Made Us
Ed Kadysewski Neanderthal
Ed Mash Mis Conception
Edward Scaife Law & Disorder
Eigil Bryld Kinky Boots
Emeka Onono Too Ugly For Love
Emma Cooper Louis Theroux
Eric Metcalfe Later With Jools Holland
Ernest Steward The Avengers
Fabio Calascibetta Junior Doctors
Francesca Maudslay A Child Against All Odds
Francis De Groot The IT Crowd
Francis Hanly Bunkers, Brutalism & Bloody-Mindedness
Frank Watts Department S
Frank-Peter Lehmann The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
Frederique Olivier Penguins - Spy in The Huddle
Gary Griffin Louis Theroux
Gary Keane Natural World
Gary Tarn Black Sun
Gavin Newman Natural World
Gavin Searle Arctic with Bruce Parry
Geoff Healey The Royal
Geoff Selling Enid Blyton's Famous Five
Geoffrey Faithfull Two Way Stretch
Geoffrey O'Connor Louis Theroux
Geoffrey Unsworth 2001: A Space Odyssey
Geoffrey Wharton Merlin
Georgina Burrell Jimmy's Forest
Gerald Moss Postman's Knock
Gerry Turpin The Avengers
Giles Nuttgens Young Adam
Giulio Biccari Luther
Gordon Buchanan Planet Earth
Graham Barnes Horizon
Graham Day Great Ormond Street
Graham Johnston Around the World in 80 Faiths
Graham Veevers Around the World in 80 Faiths
Graham Watts Journey of Life
Grant Cameron Life On Mars
Grant Gee Imagine: Stones in Exile
Greg Nelson Elephant Diaries
H A R Thomson The Avengers
Harry Waxman The Pink Panther Strikes Again
Haydn Denman Deserts & Life
Hubert Taczanowski Deathwatch
Hugh Gordon Peter & The Wolf
Hugh Miller Wild Arabia
Ian Denyer Perfume
Ian Jenkin Magical Mystery Tour
Ian Liggett After Thomas
Ian McCarthy Blue Planet
Ian Moss Case Histories
Ian Salvage World's Most Dangerous Roads
Ivan Bird Sexy Beast
Jack Asher The Hound of the Baskervilles
Jack Cox The Lady Vanishes
Jack Hildyard The Yellow Rolls Royce
James Skerritt James Nesbitt's Ireland
Jamie Ryan James Nesbitt's Ireland
Jan Jonaeus Identity
Jason Massot Louis Theroux
Jean-Yves Escoffier Jack and Sarah
Jeff Hogan Planet Earth
Jeff Turner Life Of Mammals
Jeremy Hewson The Beckoning Silence
Jeremy Pollard The History of the Jews
Jerry Kelly How Not To Live Your Life
Jezza Neumann America's Poor Kids
Jim Clare Wild South America
Jim O Donnell Sugar Rush
Joe Smith Spacefiles
John Cabrera Black Arrow
John Christie Timewatch
John Conroy Silent Witness
John Goodyer Horizon
John Ignatius Spy
John Mathieson Plunkett & Macleane
John Shier Yellowstone
John Wilcox Hell Below Zero
John E Walker Classic Albums
Johnny Rogers Arctic with Bruce Parry
Jon Lane The Family That Walked on All Fours
Jon Poynter Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets
Jon Stapleton Gandhi: The Early Years
Jonathan Bloom Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Jonathan Chappell Chatsworth
Jonathan Clay Tribe
Jonathan Ford Distant Shadow
Jonathan Jones Killer Bees of Africa
Joost Van Der Valk Paparazzi
Keith Brust Life in Cold Blood
Keith Scholey Amazon with Bruce Parry
Ken Hodges Sword of Sherwood Forest
Ken Morgan All Creatures Great & Small
Kenneth Higgins You Can't Win 'em All
Kenneth Talbot Doomwatch
Kevin Jarvis Around the World in 80 Faiths
Kim Longinotto Runaway
Laurie Rush All Creatures Great & Small
Lee Curran The Divine Michelangelo
Lee Phillips My Breasts Could Kill Me
Lee Pulbrook Death of Cleopatra
Leighton De Barros Planet Earth
Len Newson Fawlty Towers
Les Young Leonard Cohen: Bird On A Wire
Lionel Banes The Avengers
Lucy Leveugle Man with 80 Wives
Luke Cormack Vet Safari
Luke Pavey Wild Shepherdess
Lynn Mitchell Baroque!
Marc Isaacs All White In Barking
Mark Cousins Story of Film
Mark Kidel Legends: Mario Lanza
Mark Lamble Life in Cold Blood
Mark Smith Natural World
Mark Whatmore Magnificent Tati
Martin Dohrn Natural World
Martin O Toole 10 Things You Didn't Know About ...
Martin Patmore The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler
Martin Saunders Life Of Birds
Martyn Porter Smack The Pony
Max Greene I'm All Right Jack
Max Jourdan Woman With Half A Body
Max Samet The Onedin Line
Michael deGruy Blue Planet
Michael Kelem Earth
Michael Male Life in Cold Blood
Michael Rasmussen The Life of Mammals
Mike Coles The Da Vinci Detective
Mike Harrison Chris Tarrant's Extreme Railways
Mike Holding Planet Earth
Mike James Bodybuilding Pensioners
Mike Lemmon South Pacific
Mike Potts The Life of Mammals
Mike Radford French and Saunders
Mike Williams All Creatures Great & Small
Mitchell Farkas Genius of Photography
Monty Berman Jack the Ripper
Natasha Braier Dolce Vita Africana
Nathan Kendall King George & Queen Mary
Nathan Ridler Children Who Fought Hitler
Neil Bromhall Private Life of Plants
Neil Edwards Born To Kill?
Neil Rettig Natural World
Nic Cartwright The Joy of Chance
Nicholas Tebbet Intimate With A Stranger
Nick Baker Smith Great Rift
Nick Gordon Smith This Filthy Earth
Nick Holt Between Life & Death
Nick Martin Journey to the Edge of the Earth
Nick Rutter Monty Python - Lawyer's Cut
Nick Turner Great Rift
Nick Watts Toilet - An Unspoken History
Nigel Reynolds Alice Herz-Sommer at 106
Nigel Saunders Diamond Jubilee Concert
Nik Millard Pakistan's Flood Doctor
Osca Humphreys Susan Boyle - An Unlikely Superstar
Otto Heller Ferry to Hong Kong
Owen Newman Life of Mammals
Paddy Wivell Louis Theroux
Paul Atkins The Life of Mammals
Paul Atkins Life of Mammals
Paul Kirsop Horizon
Paul O Connell Filthy Cities
Paul Otter Stephen Fry in America
Paul Stas Fake or Fortune
Paul Williams First Life
Pennington Richards Star of India
Per Tingleff Lead Balloon
Peter Butler Silent Witness
Peter Chapman Bergerac
Peter Coley Gandhi: Making of the Mahatma
Peter Jackson A Touch of Frost
Peter Kragh Planet Earth
Peter Loring Bergerac
Peter McCowen South Pacific
Peter Nearhos Frozen Planet
Peter Nelson Genius of Design
Peter Thorn Walking With Monsters
Petra Graf Great Ormond Street
Phil Gries ABBA: The Winner Take All
Philip Bonham-Carter Dancin' Thru The Dark
Philip Dalton Earthflight
Philip Savoie Big Sky Bears
Philip Sharpe Wild Africa
Philip Sharpe Wild Africa
Pierre Lhomme Maurice
Pierre Morel Love & Other Disasters
Randall Love Horizon
Ray Coates Married Single Other
Ray Marlow Small Teens, Big World
Ray Orton Torchwood
Rebecca Hosking Life Of Mammals
Reginald Wyer Rocket to the Moon
Remko Schnorr Pervert's Guide to Cinema
Richard Brooks Burton Frozen Planet
Richard Cook Earthflight
Richard Fitpatrick Great Barrier Reef
Richard Matthews The Great Rift
Richard Maxwell Tribal Wives
Richard Numeroff Story of Maths
Richard P Hill Fighting the Blue
Rob Hardy Stolen
Rob Sullivan Arctic with Bruce Parry
Robbie Ryan Brick Lane
Robert Huke Conduct Unbecoming
Robert Krasker The Third Man
Robin Probyn Genius of Photography
Rod Clarke Life in the Undergrowth
Roger Laxon We Built Titanic
Romily Menzies A Chaild Against All Odds
Rory McGuinness Life Of Mammals
Roy D Smith Bob's Weekend
Rupert Binsley World's Best Diets
Sam Gibson Nature's Weirdest Events
Sam Gracey Tribe
Sam Key Horizon
Scott Tibbles Oceans
Seamus McCracken Panorama
Shane Moore Planet Earth
Simon Carroll The Blue Planet
Simon Chambers Every Marriage Begins With Tears
Simon Fanthorpe The Planets
Simon Maggs Silent Witness
Simon Reay Man vs Wild
Simon Robinson Should I Really Give Up Flying?
Simon Rowles Jimmy & The GIant Supermarket
Simon Trevor The Lion At World's End
Simon Wallon Magnificent Tati
Slawomir Idziak Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
Stanley Speel Fawlty Towers
Stanley A Long The Sorcerers
Stephen Dade Coast of Skeletons
Stephen De Vere Wild South America
Stephen Lidgerwood The Secret Life of Buildings
Steve Albins Challenger: Countdown to Disaster
Steve Buckland Holby City
Stuart Biddlecombe Land Girls
Stuart Cabb Louis Theroux
Ted Moore Goldfinger
Tim Butt Tribe
Tim Fleming Inside Men
Tim Whitwell A Child Against All Odds
Toby Moore Holby City
Tom Hayward Horizon
Tom McDougal Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Tom Sheahan Around the World in 80 Faiths
Tom Swindell Chatsworth
Trevor Saunders Upstairs Downstairs
Ulf Brantas Sweeney Todd
Wade Fairley South Pacific
Walter Corbett Horizon
Warren Samuels Big Cat Diary
Wayne Derrick Horse People With Alexandra Tolstoy
Will Churchill Joanna Lumley's Nile
Will Edwards Jimmy's Global Harvest
Will Fewkes House the 50s Built
Will Jacob E-Numbers
Will Milner The World's ... And Me
Zac Nicholson Black Mirror