Do You Know - Cinematographer

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Name Production Title
Adam Lincoln Andy's Dinosaur Adventures
Albert Almond Mr Bean (TV Series)
Alicia Arce Secrets Of South America
Alistair Upcraft Billy Connolly's Tracks Across America
Andrew Dearden Cradle Of The Gods
Andrew Graham-Brown Natural World: Penguin Post Office
Andrew Hinton How Sex Works
Andy Collins Brassed Off
Andy Smith Play It Loud: The Story of Marshall
Annemarie Lean-Vercoe Silent Witness
Anton Jeffes The British Property Boom
Barry McCann Prime Suspect V
Ben Anthony Life & Death Row
Ben Cole The Wedding Video
Ben Steele Love & Hate Crime
Bernard Davies Escape in the Sun
Bernard Knowles The 39 Steps
Bert Wilkins Upstairs Downstairs
Brian Martin Project Children: Defusing The Bomb
Brian McDairmant Great Wall Of China: The Hidden Story
Bruce Fletcher How Sex Works
Carlos Catalan Broadchurch
Charlie Hamilton James I Bought A Rainforest
Charlie Laing Great Ormond Street
Chas Watts Mr Bean (TV Series)
Chris Bairstow Bleach, Nip, Tuck
Chris Hartley Ancient Rome: The Rise & Fall Of An Empire
Chris Mitchell Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve
Chris Purcell Neil Armstrong: First Man On The Moon
Christopher Doyle I Am Belfast
Claire McFall Slum Survivors
Claude Renoir The Spy Who Loved Me
Colin Deeham All Creatures Great & Small
Colin Fox Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets
Daisy Asquith Crazy About One Direction
Damian O Mahony Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve
Damien Pawle Genius By Stephen Hawking
Dan Child Eat To Live Forever With Giles Coren
Dan Murdoch Black Power: America's Armed Resistance
Daniel Meyers The Fatwa: Salman's Story
Dave Otter Lost Kingdoms of South America
Dave Wickham Love Your Garden With Alan Titchmarsh
David Barlow Fight for Life
David Fader Mr Bean (TV Series)
David McConnell Brainwashing Stacey
David McKay Lands Of The Monsoon
David Raedeker Downton Abbey
David Watkin Memphis Belle
David Wright Life In Cold Blood
Desmond Dickinson The Alphabet Murders
Dick Bush Tommy
Didier Noirot Wild Canada
Dominic Colchester Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees
Ed Edwards Secret Life Of The Zoo
Ed Mash Mis Conception
Ellena Wood Excluded: Kicked Out Of School
Emma Cooper Louis Theroux
Ernest Steward The Avengers
Eugene O Connor Father Ted
Francis De Groot The IT Crowd
Francis Hanly Rembrandt
Frank Watts D.A.R.Y.L
Frederique Olivier Penguins - Spy in The Huddle
Gareth Ward The Insider: Reggie Yates
Garry Keane Natural World: Queen of Tigers
Garry Phillips Indian Summers
Gavin Newman Planet Earth
Gavin Searle Arctic with Bruce Parry
Geoff Healey The Royal
Geoffrey Faithfull Murder She Said
Geoffrey Unsworth 2001: A Space Odyssey
Geoffrey Wharton Merlin
George Geddes M.I.High
George Steel War And Peace
George Woodcock Natural World: The Bat Man Of Mexico
Gerry Turpin The Avengers
Giles Nuttgens Young Adam
Giulio Biccari Luther
Graeme McAulay Me & My New Brain
Graham MacFarlane Natural World: The Mtaing Game
Grant Gee Imagine: Stones in Exile
Harry Beney Gareth Malone Goes To Glynebourne
Holly Cocker Video Killed The Radio Star
Hubert Taczanowski The Missing
Hugh Hughes Majesty & Mortar: Britain's Great Palaces
Hugh Miller Wild Arabia
Huw Crowley Before I Kick The Bucket
Huw Walters The World of Matthew Bourne
Ian Liggett Plus One
Ian Llewellyn Planet Earth Live
Ian Moss Undeniable
Igor Martinovic Red Riding
Ines Mabchego Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and the Supermarkets
Ivan Bird Sexy Beast
Ivan Hinchley Horizon: What Is The Right Diet For You?
Jack Asher The Hound of the Baskervilles
Jack McInnes Exodus: Our Journey To Europe
James Balfour Monty Python's Flying Circus`
James Liston Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath?
James Mather Cold Feet
Jamie Pickup Louis Theroux
Jamie Ryan James Nesbitt's Ireland
Jason Lehel Poirot
Jason Massot Louis Theroux: Dark States
Jean Tournier Moonraker
Jean-Yves Escoffier Jack and Sarah
Jim Clare Penguins: Spy In The Huddle
Jo Charlesworth Wild Patagonia
Joe Keenan This Wild Life
John Cabrera Black Arrow
Jon Eastman Vikings
Jon Poynter Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets
Jonas Mortensen Rolling Stones: Ole, Ole, A Trip Across Latin America
Jonathan Taylor Life & Death Row
Jorge Luengas The Musketeers
Joyce Trozzo Stacey Dooley Investigates
Ken Morgan All Creatures Great & Small
Kenneth Higgins Georgy Girl
Kenneth Talbot Doomwatch
Kim Longinotto Love Is All
Lee Phillips Life in Jail: Hell On Earth
Lee Pulbrook The Spear Of Jesus
Lee York The Truth About Beauty
Len Newson Fawlty Towers
Les Young Leonard Cohen: Bird On A Wire
Marco Cervi Trust Me I'm A Doctor
Mark Aitken Dead When I Got Here
Mark Chandler Secrets of Bones
Mark Hamilton Age of Heroes
Mark Nutkins The Wedding Video
Mark Smith The Hunt
Mark Whatmore Magnificent Tati
Mark Wolf Darcey's Ballerina Heroines
Martin Dohrn David Attenborough's Light On Earth
Martin Patmore Touched By Auschwitz
Martin Webb Life & Death Row
Matthew Stacey India's Daughter
Mattias Nyberg Hinterland
Max Samet The Onedin Line
Michael Davis Inspector Morse
Michael McDonough Downton Abbey
Michael Ogden The Human Tissue Squad
Michael Snyman The Night Manager
Mike Williams All Creatures Great & Small
Neil Bonner Walking The Nile
Nicholas Tebbet Freezing
Nick Ball The Truth About Calories
Nick Holt Between Life & Death
Nick Watts Toilet - An Unspoken History
Nigel Reynolds Alice Herz-Sommer at 106
Noel Probyn Silent Witness
Osca Humphreys Susan Boyle - An Unlikely Superstar
Ossie McLean M I High
Otto Heller The Ladykillers
Owen Newman Nature's Great Events
Paul Lucas Sensation: The Story of Tommy
Pennington Richards Star of India
Pete McCowen Lands Of The Monsoon
Peter Bartlett Poirot
Peter Harvey Lost Kingdoms Of South America
Peter Jackson A Touch of Frost
Peter Jones The Sparticle Mystery
Peter Nelson Genius of Design
Peter Northall The Greatest Party On Earth
Phil Winn The Coroner
Philip Chavannes The Ottoman Empire
Philip Robertson Holby City
Pierre Lhomme Maurice
Polly Morgan Call The Midwife
Rasmus Arrildt Endeavour
Ray Orton The Sparticle Mystery
Reginald Wyer Rocket to the Moon
Remko Schnorr Pervert's Guide to Cinema
Richard Brooks Burton Frozen Planet
Richard Dodd Holby City
Richard Macer Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic
Richard Stewart The Possibilities Are Endless
Richard Stoddard Silent Witness
Rob Farquhar Louis Theroux
Robert Krasker The Third Man
Robin Barnwell This World: Killing Christianity
Roeland Doust Reggie Yates: Extreme UK
Roger Fenna The Young Ones
Roger Laxon We Built Titanic
Roger Munns Blue Planet 2
Rolf Steinmann Wild Arabia
Sam Bensted Coach Zoran and His African Tigers
Sam Gibson Nature's Weirdest Events
Sam Gracey Mountain Gorilla
Sam Wilkinson Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia
Seamus McCracken Cybercrimes With Ben Hammersley
Sean McAllister A Syrian Love Story
Slawomir Idziak Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
Sophie Darlington The Hunt
Stanley Speel Monty Python's Flying Circus
Steph Atkinson How Safe Are My Drugs?
Stephen Dade Coast of Skeletons
Stephen De Vere Africa
Steve Buckland Holby City
Steve Downer Snow Bears
Steve Plant Tamara Rojo's Swan Lake
Stuart Bentley This Is England '90
Stuart Cabb Louis Theroux
Stuart Dunn Vertigo Bad Trip
Stuart Luck David Suchet: The Mystery Of Agatha Christie
Stuart Strickson Inside Balmoral
Terry Stacey Salmon Fishing In The Yemen
Tom Beard Britain's Whale Hunters
Tom Hines Father Brown
Tom McDougal Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Tony Yates The Story of Tracy Beaker
Trevor Saunders Upstairs Downstairs
Urszula Pontikos Lilting
Will Jacob E-Numbers: An Edible Adventure