Did You Work On - Editors

Production Title


Production Title Role
'Allo, 'Allo! Editor
Am I Normal? (Eps 1, 2, 4) Editor
Baby Beauty Queens Editor
Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince Editor
Coast (Series 8 & 9) Editor
Country House Rescue Editor
Danny: My Secret Female Body Editor
David Attenborough's Galapagos 3D: Evolution Editor
Deadly 60 Editor
Dispatches: What's In Your Wine? Editor
Don't Call Me Crazy Editor
Don't Just Stand There I'm Having Your Baby Editor
Don't Panic: The Truth About Population Editor
Expedition Burma Editor
Extreme Fishing with Robson Green (Series 1-4) Editor
Fallout: 40 Years Of Nuclear Dispute With Iran Editor
Football: Mental Health & Me Editor
Forbidden Voices Editor
Fortitude (Series 1, Eps 5, 9, 11, 12)) Editor
Freddie Flintoff Versus the World Editor
From Haiti's Ashes Editor
Generation Earth Editor
Getting on (Series 3) Editor
Girls in Love (Series 2) Editor
Guts Editor
Heroes of the Enlightenment Editor
High Altitude Editor
Himalaya with Michael Palin Editor
Hold Me Tight, Don't Let Me go Editor
Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy Editor
How Dirty Can I Get Editor
Ice Patrol (Eps 3 & 4) Editor
Iceland: A Wild Place Editor
Incredible Journeys with Steve Leonard: Running with Wild Dogs Editor
India: A Dangerous Place To Be A Woman Editor
Inside Einstein's Mind Editor
Inside the Commons (2 eps) Editor
Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi Editor
Inspector Morse (6 eps) Editor
Into The Mind Editor
Jinx Editor
Joanna Lumley Meets Will.I.Am Editor
Judith: Going Back To Congo Editor
Land of the Midnight Sun Editor
Law & Order UK (Series 7, Eps 5 & 6) Editor
Life Begins (Series 1 & 2) Editor
Life Is Toff Editor
Living With Corruption Editor
Medical Mavericks Editor
More Than a Game: The Story of the World Cup Editor
My Halcyon River Editor
Natural World: Toki's Tale Editor
Nature's Miracle Babies (Ep 4) Editor
On Thin Ice (2 eps) Editor
Orangutan Diary Editor
Out of Sight (Series 2 & 3) Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: France Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Germany Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Ireland Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Italy Editor
Prince Philip: A Plot To Make A King Editor
Prison Dads Editor
Prostitution: Whats the Harm? Editor
Secrets of Everything (Eps 1-3) Editor
Shakespeare Uncovered Editor
Should I Smoke Dope? Editor
Spice Trip: Black Pepper Editor
Spice Trip: Cinnamon Editor
Spice Trip: Cloves Editor
Spice Trip: Cumin Editor
Spice Trip: Nutmeg Editor
Stacey Dooley: The Truth About Domestic Abuse Editor
Stairway to Heaven Editor
Steve Leonard's Extreme Animals (3 eps) Editor
Storm City Editor
The 92 Year Old Danger Junkie Editor
The Bridges That Built London Editor
The Day They Dropped The Bomb Editor
The God Question Editor
The Vikings Are Coming Editor
This World: Heart of Darkness - War in The Congo Editor
This World; The Great Japanese Retirement Editor
Trial & Retribution: Siren Editor
Wing And A Prayer (Series 2) Editor
World's Toughest Driving Tests (Series 1) Editor
World's Toughest Jobs Editor
Young Dracula (Series 1) Editor
Young, Fit & Dying Editor