Did You Work On - Editors

Production Title


Production Title Role
'Allo 'Allo! Editor
100 Doors Editor
50 Outrageous Animal Facts Editor
9/11: The Day The World Changed Editor
A Baby To Save Our Son Editor
A Life Without Pain Editor
Abyss Live Editor
Alas Smith & Jones Editor
All Creatures Great & Small (Various eps) Editor
Am I Normal? Editor
Animal Crime Scene Editor
Art Safari Editor
Baby Beauty Queens Editor
Balls of Steel (Series 1) Editor
Baltic Secrets Editor
Battle of the Sexes in the Animal World Editor
Beatles' Biggest Secrets Editor
Best of the Beatles Editor
Big Bear Week Editor
Blood Brothers Editor
Body Snatchers (Eps 1 & 3) Editor
Brainman Editor
Child Of Our Time (Series) Editor
Chimp Week Editor
Chop Shop, London Garage (Series) Editor
Cutting Edge: Britain's Conjoined Twins Editor
Dangerous Indiscretions Editor
Dangerous Passions (3 eps) Editor
Daniel and Our Cats Editor
Danny: My Secret Female Body Editor
Diana, Queen of Hearts Editor
Diana: Her Last Ten Days In Pictures Editor
Dispatches: Kidnapped to Order Editor
Dispatches: What's In Your Wine? Editor
Don't Go There Editor
Dreamstreet Editor
Earth Story Editor
Electric Dreams (3 eps) Editor
Elephant Diaries 2007 Editor
Empires: Holy Warriors, Richard the Lionheart and Saladin Editor
Exposed (Series) Editor
Extraordinary Animals (Various eps) Editor
Extraordinary People: Britain's Identical Quads Editor
Extraordinary People: I Eat Myself to Death Editor
Extraordinary People: Me & My Ugly Face Editor
Extraordinary People: New Face - New Life? Editor
Extreme Fishing With Robson Green (Series 1-4) Editor
Famous Five: Five Go Down to the Sea Editor
Famous Five: Five Go To Demon's Rocks Editor
Famous Five: Five Go To Mystery Moor Editor
Famous Five: Five on a Secret Trail Editor
Famous Five: Five Run Away Together Editor
Fighting the Blue (4 eps) Editor
French & Saunders: Christmas Carol Editor
French & Saunders: Titanic Editor
French & Saunders: Witless Silence Editor
Girls In Love (Series 2) Editor
Goal. Speak English, Play Football Editor
Great Ormond Street (s2, eps 5 & 6) Editor
Guarding the Queen (Series) Editor
Heartbeat Editor
Hidden Lives: Britain's Fattest Teenager Editor
High Altitude (Various eps) Editor
Himalaya with Michael Palin Editor
Hold Me Tight, Don't Let Me Go Editor
Hollywood Greats: Judy Garland Editor
Horizon: An Experiment to Save the World Editor
Horizon: Bye Bye Planet Pluto Editor
Horizon: Can Dogs Smell Cancer? Editor
Horizon: Last Flight Of The Columbia Editor
Horizon: Skeleton Key Editor
Horizon: The Life and Times of El Nino Editor
Horizon: The Mystery Of The Persian Mummy Editor
Horizon: The Rainmaker Editor
Horizon: The Real Dr Dolittle Editor
Horizon: Tsunami: Naming The Dead Editor
Horizon: Tutankhamun's Fireball Editor
Horse People With Alexandra Tolstoy Editor
How Dirty Can I Get? Editor
Humphrey Bogart: You Must Remember This Editor
Hustle: As One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Editor
Ice Patrol (2 eps) Editor
Iceworld Editor
Impact Editor
In the Wild: Operation Lemur with John Cleese Editor
In the Wild: Zoo Babies with Whoopi Goldberg Editor
Incredible Journeys with Steve Leonard (6 eps) Editor
Jamie Oliver Happy Days Live Editor
Jamie's Great Italian Escape Editor
Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters Editor
Jinx Editor
John Lennon Solo: Videos Through the Years Editor
Journey to the Heart of the Tsunami Editor
Life Begins (Series 1 & 2) Editor
Light Fantastic Editor
Living With Corruption Editor
Lost And Found Editor
Medical Mavericks Editor
Meeting Osama Bin Laden Editor
Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey Editor
More Than A Game: The Story of the World Cup Editor
Murder In The National Park Editor
Musangwe Fight Club Editor
Naples Open City 1943-1948 Editor
Natural World: A Wild Dog's Story Editor
Natural World: Moon Power Editor
Natural World: New Guinea - An Island Apart Editor
Natural World: The Forbidden Fruit Editor
Nature's Miracle Babies (Ep 4) Editor
Nature's Vampires Editor
O'Shea's Big Adventure: In the Python's Grip Editor
O'Shea's Big Adventure: Siamese Crocodile Editor
O'Shea's Big Adventure: Venom Editor
Oliver's Twist Editor
Omnibus: Rudolf Nureyev: Dancing Through Darkness Editor
On Thin Ice (2 eps) Editor
One Life: I'm The Daddy Editor
Out of Sight (Series 2 & 3) Editor
Oz & James Big Wine Adventure (Series 2) Editor
Panorama: The Beautiful Bung - Corruption and the World Cup Editor
Panorama: The New Killing Fields Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Berlin Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: France Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Hamburg Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Ireland Editor
Paul Merton in Europe: Italy Editor
Peak Practice (Series 10-12) Editor
Pirate Gold: The Hunt for Black Sam's Treasure Editor
Predators: Natural Born Killers Editor
Predators: Nowhere To Hide Editor
Predators: Special Agents Editor
Predators: The Skill To Survive Editor
Predators: The Ultimate Predators Editor
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Various Eps) Editor
Realms of the Russian Bear Editor
Remembering Jacqueline du Pre Editor
Rockface (Series 2, Eps 1-7) Editor
Rooted Editor
Seconds From Disaster: Munich Olympic Disaster Editor
Secrets of the Dead: Blackbeard's Lost Ship Editor
Secrets of the Sexes: Love Editor
Separate Tables Editor
Seven Wonders of the Muslim World Editor
Should I Smoke Dope? Editor
Sleep Furiously Editor
Some Day My Prince Will Come Editor
Son of God: The Final Hours Editor
Son of God: The Mission Editor
Son of God: The Real Man Editor
Space Age: NASA's Story Editor
Spirit Warriors Editor
Stonehenge: The Ultimate Experiment Editor
Super Troupers: 30 Years of ABBA Editor
Teen Angels: The Gibson Family Editor
Teen Angels: The Manson Family Editor
Teen Angels: The Parkinson Family Editor
Teen Angels: The Watts Family Editor
Teens Hooked On Porn Editor
That Was Atlantis: The Legendary Civilisation of the Minoans Editor
The 34 Stone Teenager Editor
The Avengers (Various eps) Editor
The Big Sting Editor
The Da Vinci Detective Editor
The Elvis Mob Editor
The Great Sperm Race Editor
The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra Editor
The Naked Chef (Series) Editor
The Private Life of A Masterpiece Editor
The Quarrymen: It Was 50 Years Ago Today Editor
The Royal (S 7,Eps 11 & 12, S8, Eps 1 & 2) Editor
The Russian Revolution in Colour Editor
The Sphinx Unmasked Editor
The Spy Who Conned Me Editor
The Swap Editor
The True Story: James Bond Editor
The Vice (Series 4, ep 1, Series 5, eps 3, 5 & 7) Editor
The Way Things Work (Series) Editor
The Wild Ones Editor
The Wonderful World of Albert Khan (9 eps) Editor
Tiger Tuesday Editor
Timewatch: Rameses III - Behind the Myth of the Pharoah Editor
To Be First Editor
Trial & Retribution (Series 12, eps 1 & 2) Editor
Tribal Odyssey: The Dinka of Sudan Editor
Tribal Odyssey: The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia Editor
Tribal Odyssey: The Last Dance of the Warriors Editor
Tribal Odyssey: The Woodabe of the Sahara Editor
Tsunami , Anatomy Of A Disaster Editor
Undercover in Tibet Editor
Upstairs Downstairs Editor
Venom ER (6 eps) Editor
Vet Safari (Series 1, 5 eps, Series 2, 3 eps) Editor
We Made This City: London Editor
We Made This City: Paris Editor
What to Eat Now (Series) Editor
Wholly Communion Editor
Wild Caribbean: Secret Shores Editor
Wing and a Prayer (Series 2) Editor
World's Toughest Driving Tests (Series 1) Editor
World's Worst Disasters: Avalanches Editor
World's Worst Disasters: Earthquakes Editor
World's Worst Disasters: Future Earth Editor
World's Worst Disasters: Tsunamis Editor
World's Worst Disasters: Volcanoes Editor
Young Dracula (Series 1) Editor