Did You Work On - Cinematographers

Production Title


Production Title Role
'Allo 'Allo! Cinematographer
100 Doors Cinematographer
24 Hours in A & E Cinematographer
3 Non-Blondes Cinematographer
50 Outrageous Animal Facts Cinematographer
A Baby To Save Our Son Cinematographer
A Child Against All Odds: Choosing Children Cinematographer
A Man Among Wolves Cinematographer
Ai Weiwei: Withour Fear or Favour Cinematographer
Air Crash Confidential (Various eps) Cinematographer
Alas Smith & Jones Cinematographer
American - The Bill Hicks Story Cinematographer
Animal Crime Scene (6 eps) Cinematographer
Aphrodite's Drop: The Power of Pearls Cinematographer
Arena: Pavarotti, The Last Tenor Cinematographer
Art Safari (Various eps) Cinematographer
Baby Beauty Queens Cinematographer
Baghdad High Cinematographer
Balls of Steel (Series 1) Cinematographer
Baltic Secrets Cinematographer
Battle of the Sexes in the Animal World Cinematographer
Beatles' Biggest Secrets Cinematographer
Best of the Beatles Cinematographer
Black Adder Cinematographer
Black Gold Cinematographer
Blowing Up Paradise Cinematographer
Body Hits Cinematographer
Body Image: The 34 Stone Teenager Cinematographer
Body Image: Too Ugly For Love Cinematographer
Bodyshock: The Boy Who Gave Birth To His Twin Cinematographer
Born To Be Different Cinematographer
Born To Kill? Cinematographer
Brilliant Creatures (Series) Cinematographer
Britain's Biggest Heists (Series) Cinematographer
Britain's Worst Teeth Cinematographer
Child Of Our Times (Series 6 & 8) Cinematographer
Chimp Family Fortunes Cinematographer
Chimp Week Cinematographer
Chop Shop, London Garage (Series) Cinematographer
Cooking in the Danger Zone Cinematographer
Coppers (Series 1) Cinematographer
Coupling Cinematographer
Crime Scene Wild (Various Eps) Cinematographer
Cutting Edge: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Cinematographer
Dangerous Passions: Anger Cinematographer
David Beckham: New Beginnings Cinematographer
Diary of A Mistress Cinematographer
Dispatches: Kidnapped To Order Cinematographer
Dispatches: The HIdden World of Lap Dancing Cinematographer
Don't Go There Cinematographer
Earth Ride Cinematographer
Emmerdale (Series 20-25) Cinematographer
Exposed (Series) Cinematographer
Extraordinary Animals (Series) Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: A New Face - New Life? Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Britain's Identical Quads Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Hope For Hayley Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: I Eat Myself to Death Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Joined at the Head Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Joined At The Head Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Me and My Ugly Face Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: The Girl Whose Muscles Turned To Bone Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: The Girl With A New Face Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: The Man With No Face Cinematographer
Extraordinary People: Tourettes Rewired Cinematographer
Fat Family Diets Cinematographer
Fat Pets Cinematographer
Fear, Stress and Anger Cinematographer
Fight For Life: In The Womb Cinematographer
French and Saunders Cinematographer
Friday Night Dinner Cinematographer
Get Up and Grow Cinematographer
Girls In Love Cinematographer
Great Ormond Street Cinematographer
Heartbeat Cinematographer
Help! I Caught It Abroad 2 Cinematographer
Hex Cinematographer
Hidden Lives Cinematographer
Holby City (Series 7-11, Various eps) Cinematographer
Horizon: Can Dogs Smell Cancer? Cinematographer
Horizon: Dr Money & The Boy With No Penis Cinematographer
Horizon: Guide to Raising Kids Cinematographer
Horizon: The Life and Times of El Nino Cinematographer
Horizon: The Lost City Of New Orleans Cinematographer
Horizon: The Real Dr Dolittle Cinematographer
Horizon: Time Trip Cinematographer
Horizon: Waiting for a Heartbeat Cinematographer
Horse People With Alexandra Tolstoy Cinematographer
How To Get Lucky Cinematographer
I Shouldn't Be Alive Cinematographer
I'm The Daddy Cinematographer
Ice Patrol Cinematographer
Iceworld Cinematographer
Identical Triplets: Their Secret World Cinematographer
Impact Cinematographer
Incredible Journeys with Steve Leonard (Series) Cinematographer
International Terrorism Since 1945: The Al Qaeda Menace Cinematographer
Jamie's Fish Suppers Cinematographer
Jimmy's Global Harvest Cinematographer
John Lennon Solo: Videos Through the Years Cinematographer
Keeping Up Appearances Cinematographer
Keppel Road: The Life and Music of the Bee Gees Cinematographer
Land of the Tiger: Desert Kingdom Cinematographer
Land of the Tiger: Sacred Water Cinematographer
Land of the Tiger: Unknown Seas Cinematographer
Life Begins Cinematographer
Life's Too Short (Easter Special) Cinematographer
Little Big Dreams Cinematographer
Living With The Future Cinematographer
Make Me A Muslim Cinematographer
Mars, Pioneering the Planet Cinematographer
Massive Nature (6 eps) Cinematographer
Medical Mavericks Cinematographer
Meeting Osama Bin Laden Cinematographer
Meltdown: A Global Warming Journey Cinematographer
Michael Jackson Unmasked Cinematographer
Microsoap (1998) Cinematographer
Misbehaving Mums-To-Be Cinematographer
Murder In The National Park Cinematographer
Musangwe Fight Club Cinematographer
My Family Cinematographer
My Hero Cinematographer
Naked Science: Dino Meteor Cinematographer
Naples Open City 1943-1948 Cinematographer
Natural World: Invasion of the Crocodiles Cinematographer
Natural World: The Forbidden Fruit Cinematographer
Nature's Vampires Cinematographer
O'Shea's Big Adventure (3 eps) Cinematographer
One Life: Bodybuilding Pensioners Cinematographer
One Life: Famously Reincarnated Cinematographer
One Life: For One Night Only Cinematographer
One Life: I'm The Daddy Cinematographer
One Life: Three Sisters Make One Baby Cinematographer
Our Lives: Too Posh To Pay Cinematographer
Out of Sight Cinematographer
Out of The Frying Pan Cinematographer
Panorama: Cocaine: Alex James in Columbia Cinematographer
Panorama: The New Killing Fields Cinematographer
Passion Never Dies Cinematographer
Peak Practice (Series 10-12) Cinematographer
Pirate Gold: The Hunt for Black Sam's Treasure Cinematographer
Popcorn Cinematographer
Predators: Natural Born Killers Cinematographer
Predators: Nowhere to Hide Cinematographer
Predators: Special Agents Cinematographer
Predators: The Skill to Survive Cinematographer
Predators: The Ultimate Predators Cinematographer
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Various eps) Cinematographer
Real Crimes: Diamond Geezers Cinematographer
Remembering Jacqueline Du Pre Cinematographer
Reputations: John Wayne, The Unquiet American Cinematographer
Reputations: Rameses. Wrath of God or Man? Cinematographer
Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience Cinematographer
Rooted Cinematographer
Ross Kemp in Afghanistan Cinematographer
Russian Godfathers Cinematographer
Ruth Rendell: From Doon With Death Cinematographer
Separate Tables Cinematographer
Sextistics - Your Love Life Cinematographer
Sing Your Heart Out Cinematographer
Some Day My Prince Will Come Cinematographer
Son Of God Cinematographer
South Bank Show: George Michael Cinematographer
South Bank Show: Lang Lang Cinematographer
Spies Beneath Berlin Cinematographer
Stardate: Mission to Titan Cinematographer
Strictly Baby Fight Club Cinematographer
Take That For The Record Cinematographer
Teen Angels: The Gibson Family Cinematographer
Teen Angels: The Manson Family Cinematographer
Teen Angels: The Parkinson Family Cinematographer
Teen Angels: The Watts Family Cinematographer
Teens Hooked On Porn Cinematographer
Ten Kids & Counting Cinematographer
That Was Atlantis: Legendary Civilisation of the Minoans Cinematographer
The 34 Stone Teenager Cinematographer
The 9/11 Fixer Cinematographer
The Afternoon Play: Are You Jim's Wife? Cinematographer
The Afternoon Play: Last Will and Testament ... Cinematographer
The Avengers (Various eps) Cinematographer
The Beatles, from Liverpool to San Francisco Cinematographer
The Big Sting Cinematographer
The Elvis Mob Cinematographer
The Fake Trade Cinematographer
The Girl Who Lives In The Dark Cinematographer
The Girls Who Were Found Alive Cinematographer
The IT Crowd Cinematographer
The Jet Stream and Us Cinematographer
The Millionaire & The Murder Mansions Cinematographer
The Naked Chef (Series) Cinematographer
The New Al Qaeda Cinematographer
The Old Guys Cinematographer
The People's Supermarket Cinematographer
The Planets: Atmosphere Cinematographer
The Planets: Terra Firma Cinematographer
The Private Life of A Masterpiece Cinematographer
The Quarrymen: It Was 50 Years Ago Today Cinematographer
The Real Casino Royale Cinematographer
The Real David Beckham Cinematographer
The Real Full Monty Cinematographer
The Real Rain Man Cinematographer
The Space Shuttle: A Horizon Guide Cinematographer
The Sphinx Unmasked Cinematographer
The Tower Cinematographer
The Truth About Size Zero Cinematographer
The Vicar of Dibley Cinematographer
The Way Things Work (Series) Cinematographer
The Wild Ones Cinematographer
The Wolfman Cinematographer
The World's .... And Me Cinematographer
The World's Great Musical Prodigies Cinematographer
Tiger Tuesday Cinematographer
Timewatch: Rameses III - Behind The Myth Cinematographer
To Be First Cinematographer
Too Big To Walk? Cinematographer
Touching Evil Cinematographer
Toughest Place To Be ... A Paramedic Cinematographer
Tribal Odyssey: The Dinka of Sudan Cinematographer
Tribal Odyssey: The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia Cinematographer
Tribal Odyssey: The Last Dance of the Warriors Cinematographer
Tribal Odyssey: The Woodabe of the Sahara Cinematographer
Tribal Wives (Ethiopia, Mexico, Thailand) Cinematographer
Tricky TV Cinematographer
Trigger Happy TV Cinematographer
Tsunami: Anatomy Of A Disaster Cinematographer
Twenty Twelve Cinematographer
Venom ER (6 eps) Cinematographer
Vet Safari Cinematographer
Wing and A Prayer Cinematographer
World Shut Your Mouth Cinematographer
World's Toughest Driving Tests (Series 1) Cinematographer
World's Worst Disasters: Avalanches Cinematographer
World's Worst Disasters: Earthquakes Cinematographer
World's Worst Disasters: Future Earth Cinematographer
World's Worst Disasters: Tsunamis Cinematographer
World's Worst Disasters: Volcanoes Cinematographer
Wormwood Scrubs Cinematographer